If you feel overwhelmed and under-resourced, Luce Creek Associates (LCA) provides efficient, cost-effective solutions to virtually any problem. Whether you are a CEO swamped with executive tasks, a non-profit looking for administrative support, an understaffed athletic coach or athlete, a business on a tight budget, or a corporation or individual requiring professional executive support, LCA can provide a variety of services to you at minimum cost. No matter what your business, organization or project, LCA can help you run more quickly and efficiently with huge personnel cost savings.
Luce Creek Associates allows you to work “on” your business not “in” your business.
A sample (not all inclusive) of organizational skills provided by LCA to make your business, project or organization run smoothly include:

  • Management of bookkeeping, invoices, and databases.
  • Executive Assistance
  • Writing – correspondence, proposals, and proofing.
  • Non-profit administrative support
  • Schedules/Appointments
  • Business client relationships

We are YOUR Executive Assistant. Do yourself and your business a favor. Considering the price of recruitment, hiring, training, health benefits and insurance liabilities, outsourcing your administrative or project requirements can cost you 50% less than hiring a full-time employee, according to Hackett Group, a Hudson (Ohio) consultancy.
Recent publications by Friedman and Lipnack/Stamps talk about how today’s technology enables organizations large and small to tap world-class talent for every facet of their operations. Outsourcing for both small and large corporations is management’s efficient and cost effective tool.

Since 1998, Luce Creek Associates has excelled in providing world-class virtual services with the dedication, commitment, and confidentiality our clients demand.