The Successful Entrepreneur
By Jo Weimer
Founder and CEO Luce Creek Associates, Inc.

Years of experiences consulting with and providing services to clients and associates have helped me recognize the common traits shared by the best entrepreneurs. Above all, successful entrepreneurs are innovative, with a passion to make change and the persistence to keep moving forward. Even more than training and formal education, their most valuable asset is their business sense, which boils down to a few basic principals:

95% of entrepreneurs don’t take “NO” for an answer. They are independent self-starters who firmly believe in their enterprise with the passion and persistence to move forward; all the while making their vision a reality.
Strong communication skills that can translate into nimble marketing and sales pitches, effective interpersonal exchanges and polished client presentations.

Good communications leads to great opportunities. Entrepreneurs have to exude confidence and sell themselves, and tailor their message to the audience and environment. A professional image must be conveyed through all communication channels: materials, presentations, interactions with clients, and in critical support functions.
Integrity and professionalism that profess credibility and enhance business operations.
Successful businesses return telephone calls promptly and respond to email and voicemail in a timely manner. Be on time for appointments, carefully prepare presentations, meet deadlines, and be true to your word. In other words, pay attention to your potential clients.

A clear understanding of the complexities of operating a business. Effective entrepreneurs, or their hires, know tax laws, and the importance of maintaining accurate books and records, especially the financial implications of start-up operations. They are problem solvers, and planners.

Delegating Day-to-Day Tasks. If your strengths, as an entrepreneur, are in the company’s vision, marketing or sales, you will be smart to learn how to delegate administrative tasks. Entrepreneurs learn quickly that it is important to assign daily business activities to others so they can focus on what they do best……growing the company.

Good entrepreneurs focus on their vision and leave the details to others.